How to Plan a Casual Gay Wedding in Florida

Florida is a casual state and, if you are planning a gay wedding in Florida, here are some tips to keep it casual and affordable.

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How to Plan a Casual Gay Wedding in Florida

Let’s face it – Florida is one of the most casual States, so it goes without saying that many of the weddings that are held in Florida are, by nature, casual affairs. If you are currently in the process of planning your gay wedding in Florida, consider that having a more casual ceremony and reception will not only fit the atmosphere but will also be more friendly on your budget. Here are some tips that can help you plan a casual wedding.

Tips on Planning a Casual Gay Wedding in Florida

Decide on the Budgetcasual gay wedding

A lot of the traditional rule and formalities go out the window when you opt for a casual wedding ceremony. However, being you start tossing traditions and working on ideas, consider your overall budget. With a better idea of how much you want to spend on the wedding and reception, planning will go much easier.

Date and Venue

One of the first things you’ll want to do is decide on a wedding date. Depending on your budget, consider that Florida does have high and low seasons. High season is both when the “snow birds” are down Nov-March and when the kids are out of school. If you work around these times, you may be able to get yourself a deal. However, Florida also has shifts in weather and a “storm season” (June-Oct), so keep those factors in mind if you plan an outdoor ceremony. Aside from those factors, you can plan a beach wedding, have the wedding at your home or the home of a friend or even at a local park.

Invitations and Follow Up

In staying with the “casual” nature of the affair, invitations need not be the fancy printed ones that you purchase from a stationary store. In fact, you can get some textured handmade gay wedding in floridapapers and a nice colored pen to make nice, personalized invitations. Be sure to restrict the number of guests if you are sticking to a low budget as the guest list is what will eat up a lot of your budget. Consider also that you can use e-cards and good old fashioned phone calls to invite people to your ceremony.

Wedding Attire

When you have a casual gay wedding, how to dress isn’t a tough question – as most of us have always pretty much worn whatever has made us comfortable anyway. In fact, in sticking with that tradition, do whatever the heck you want here. If you still want to opt for the fancy wedding dresses and tuxedos, go for it! If, however, you’d rather go barefoot in shorts and bikini tops, that’s fine too. Just remember, it is a wedding and consider your guests and family and you plan your attire. The sky is the limit with regards to color selections and color coordination with a casual Florida wedding.

Decorations and Food

Decorations can be made (DIY) to save money in the budget if your wedding venue allows this. If you do decide to go this route, enlist family members and friends to join in the fun. Another idea is to enlist a separate wedding decoration agency who will take care of all of the decorations at the venue for you. Be sure to book catering far in advance and be aware that this is generally the largest item on most people’s wedding budgets (just before photography). Get estimates from several caterers and read a lot of reviews before making a selection.

Other Casual Wedding Elements

In an effort to stay “casual” and trim the budget, it is also possible to simplify things like photography, wedding music and flowers.

There is never a need to include all of the elements of a traditional formal wedding into a casual wedding, particulary one in Florida. What to choose and how to organize your ceremony and reception depend entirely on your tastes and your budget. With proper planning, using Florida gay-friendly wedding vendors and some creativity, a casual gay wedding in Florida could be the perfect mix of tradition and fun.

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