Wedding Bells and SeaShells

Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

Wedding Bells and SeaShells wishes for the day that we can legally provide everyone with a beautiful beach wedding. Unfortunately, the State of Florida is not as progressive as other states and is yet to legally recognize same sex marriages. Marriage equality should be granted to all citizens and we hope that this changes in the near future to recognize everyone’s right to choose to marry the person they love.

But we will not wait on the hearts and minds of others to acknowledge gay marriages, we will do all we can in the meantime to make commitment ceremonies, domestic partnerships, civil unions, and alternative weddings equally as special.

So, let us provide you with the perfect commitment ceremony to commemorate your love for one another. Showing your love for each another should not wait upon legislation, it should be made glorious for all and there could not be a better place than on the beautiful beaches of South Florida. From Fort Lauderdale to the Palm Beaches to the Treasure Coast, we will create the perfect beach commitment ceremony for you.

Areas You Serve

Fort Lauderdale, The Palm Beaches, and the Treasure Coast

Special Offers

$50 dollar discount for mentioning this website.

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