Avoid Disaster With These Florida Gay Wedding Hairstyle Tips

Wedding hair isn't like normal hair and planning your gay wedding hairstyle and make up in Florida requires some special considerations.

florida gay wedding hairstyle

Florida Gay Wedding Hairstyle Tips

Many have imagined their wedding day for years and it included a beautiful hairstyle and make up to perfection. Some of us – not so much. Either way, the hair and make up does need to look better than your everyday “Do” for your nuptials and there are some things to consider when planning these make-overs. This may be the first thing you think of when making wedding plan or the very last thing on your mind. However, it does require a bit of planning – especially in Florida.

Wedding Hairstyles – Where Do I Start?gay wedding hairstyle

Wedding hairstyles and make up plans should be thought out and finalized approximately 3-4 months before the ceremony. Meet with your stylist and have them show you some photos of their work with brides and people being made up for special events. Pictures are the best way to get across to your stylist what you like and to eliminate any misunderstandings.

Be as practical as possible. Consider that we not only live in The Sunshine State – but the Humidity State. What part of the year are you getting married in and is ANY part of your ceremony or reception taking place outside? Consider that you will likely be moving around a bit, maybe dancing, and what you will be wearing. Keep all of these factors in mind as you look at photos and select the bridal hair styles that you like.

Accessories and Bridal Make Up

Wedding hair accessories like headpieces and ornaments are beautiful but not always practical, or comfortable. They also can overpower your hairstyle. If you do plan to wear an elaborate headpiece, you’ll want to opt for a more simple hair style. Bridal tiaras can be simple and flattering.

Jewelry should also remain simple for the entire bridal party – bride, bridesmaides, etc. Stay with earrings, bracelets and rings but consider skipping the necklaces as they will probably not all match. The entire bridal party should also try to have one theme for hairstyles if you are having a formal wedding. If it is a more casual wedding, pretty much anything goes. Bridal makeup should emphasize the eyes, lips and skin tone as these are the camera-friendly parts.

Types of Wedding Hairstylesflorida gay wedding hairstyle

The Up-do is very classic and popular for weddings. This is something that has never gone out of style and many of us do tend to love that shorter hair look. A salon will generally give a discount for you to have a “practice run” with them to give them a shot as they know that, if you are happy, you will likely book your entire wedding party there. If you do a booking, however, it’s common for a salon to present a contract.

Wedding Hairstyle Contracts

If you are presented with a contract, just be sure to read it carefully before signing. Ask questions if you don’t understand something or feel that working is vague someplace. It is also fair to ask for changes in the contract if you see something that you want to negotiate. Look very carefully at your details on the contract, such as the date of your wedding, times of appointments and types of hairstyles and make up services to be performed. If you are asked to place a deposit, find out their terms and whether or not it is non-refundable. Also, consider making your payment with a credit so that, if there is a problem or dispute, you will have a better chance of getting your money back.

As you plan your gay wedding in Florida, don’t forget to consider your hair and make up for the big day. There are so many Florida gay-friendly vendors that would love to give you a hand with your wedding beauty needs. Start planning your Florida gay wedding hairstyle today.

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